Planning your wedding or elopement can be stressful and A LOT. This is probably your first time doing this and you're wondering where the heck do you even start?! Well, I'm not married, BUT I have had the absolute joy to get the behind the scenes peek at many cuties saying "I do." I've gathered some pretty great tips and tricks, so you can have a fun, stress-free, love-filled wedding day like you've always wanted. I promise it's possible, and you're gonna get it!

Hi! I am SO glad you are here!

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My Approach

I am not just your photographer, I am your friend, hype woman, PDA encourager, and biggest fan. Your wedding day will be smooth, stress-free. fun, and focused on what really matters - you marrying the love of your freaking life!! 

Wondering how that will happen? Well I got you. Not just with photography, but with as much as I can however I can. You will get a timeline created specifically for your day, first look vs no first look tips, a pro dress bustler, champagne glass filler, family photo extraordinaire (yes, we will make them efficient and painless), and so much more. 

I got you sis, and I can't wait to serve YOU!

Ok so are you ready to create some memories?!

I am a Florida-raised, Georgia-living girl obsessed with Mexican food, my fam, buying cheap plane tickets to go see the world, and documenting this short life we get to live. Nostalgia lives rent free in my mind, and I think that's exactly why I am where I am today - capturing your story so you can always remember those big and small moments you never want to forget.

I value having physical documentation of life's journeys SO MUCH, that I want to share that with you. I want you to also have tangible memories to relive over and over.

To always remember how he looked at you when he saw you in your dress for the first time. How you clutched your dad's arm as he walked you towards your future husband. Dancing the night away with your sister and best gals on the best day of your life. I want you to remember that forever.

Moments are fleeting, but the memories definitely don't have to be.

you, me, and the world

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Want to know more about your

Oh hey, it's me! I am so excited to be your photographer! Since I am going to document your story, I thought I'd let you in on a little bit of mine!

I grew up in Northwest Florida most of my life, went to an SEC school for college (hail state) and got my engineering degree (I know you're thinking "how did you end up here?"), moved to the good ol' ATL, and took my business full time!

I am independent, outgoing, an enneagram 2, and relationships are the most important thing in life to me. Which is probably how I got here. I get to capture relationships, make new relationships, and spend more time cultivating my own relationships by being my own boss and working all over the country! More time to see my people and meet new people like you!

I love to travel and have goals to explore every US National Park and see as much of this crazy, big world as I can. Facetime is a part of my daily routine. Sunshine and warm weather gives me LIFE and the winter is my worst enemy. And a cold margarita or moscow mule always hits the spot.

That should give you a tiny glimpse into this life I live! I am so honored you're along for the adventure!



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